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Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small file on a user`s device (computer, mobile phone, etc.), in which information is saved from the site that he visited. Cookie files store data that allows you to identify the user at the next visit and settings when working with the site (for example, the language of the site).

What cookies do we use?
The site Cargo.LT uses both its own cookies that make the site work and make it easier to use (for example, filtering settings or the language used) and analytical ones. From the Analytical category, the site uses Google Analytics cookies. These files work when using the Google Analytics network analysis - Google, Inc. (further - Google). These analytical cookies allow you to recognize and count the number of visitors, see how visitors browse the site during their visit. Thus, the Administration of the site Cargo.LT may use this information for the purposes specified in the Privacy Policy.

The administration of the site Cargo.LT undertakes not to provide third-party statistical analysis data to track or collect any information that allows users to identify this site. Google reserves the right to transfer information gathered by Google Analytics cookies to third parties only in cases provided by law or in the event that a third party processes information on behalf of Google.

How to delete cookies?
Information on how to delete cookies from the user`s computer is provided on Administration advises that disabling the preservation of cookies can adversely affect the work with the site (for example, the site will not work or will work intermittently).

We are using cookies on the website to function correctly, show related ads and analyze traffic. You agree to use cookies. More
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